Welcome to Boomer's Place!

Boomer wants children to know they are loved and they matter in life. 


From books and songs to in-person visits, Boomer offers children positive lessons on living. Boomer’s place is a great environment where kids enjoy wholesome fun, while learning important lessons. Boomer is a furry pal who promotes traditional values like respect and care — for others and yourself. 


In a world where our children are often overwhelmed by exposure to less-than-ideal topics and a constant stream of negative media, Boomer teaches safety, history, and self-improvement to an audience eager for positive approaches to learning.

Boomer’s Vision for America

Boomer has a vision for America and its children. His lessons teach a love of family and country, respect for authority and civic responsibility. These are essential components that help make up a successful society. Boomer’s vision is for your child to grow up to be one of the golden fibers that will give society its strength. So hop aboard the Boomer bandwagon. If you will allow him to serve as a co-pilot in your child’s development, together we will develop a winning attitude that will serve as a foundation for a successful and productive life. We welcome you to visit Our Police Friends website too!

Boomer’s on a mission and that mission is helping your child reach his or her full potential!

"I purchased the first three books for my three-year-old grandson, Cameron. He loves them! Without my prompting he told a friend... "I like Boomer... I learned PLEASE and BE HAPPY."
Kathy Phelps
5th Grade Teacher



America’s Dog



He is America’s Dog and he’s my boy,
He is the dog that brings me such joy.

He believes in me and what I do,
He’s my buddy and he’ll be yours too.

He tells me all the time that I am grand,
He makes me feel like I’m the best in the land.

He reminds me how much mom and dad love me,
It makes me feel very good inside you see.

He’s America’s dog and I’m his fan,
He makes me feel proud to be an Amer-i-can.

He’s a positive pooch there can be no doubt,
He makes me want to stand up and give a loud shout.

He loves to snuggle with me late at night,
It makes me feel like everything will be alright.

Because I have Boomer and he has me,
Together we make great friends indeed.



R.G.Graham, Seth, Jace and Kayla

A Message to Parents

Boomer loves children and the child in each of us. He says what we want our children to hear us say. He will teach your child positive lessons on living in a wise and loving manner. His goal is to help create a happier, more confident and productive child. Children will love Boomer because they will know Boomer loves them…unconditionally.

A Message to Educators

Boomer wants to help you educate and nurture your students. He does that by making visits to schools, volunteer and civic organizations, offering discounts for volume book purchases, and capping shipping and handling charges to get these books in the hands of your students as affordably as possible. Contact us with questions, to discuss your needs, or to request a free Teachers Guide eBook.