A Dog for The Times

Boomer has been around for quite a long time. He has resided in the mind, heart, and spirit of America and has been there during our country’s most triumphant and most trying times. You may have caught a glimpse of Boomer in some of the more recorded moments of America’s history.

He has been standing on the sidelines observing the passing scene, all along. Now his owner, Sam, has said it is time for him to “get off the shelf” and start getting acquainted and introduce himself.

His dad’s name is Skippy, a bald-headed dog. He’s a wise canine and a friend to all. His dad is probably most responsible for Boomer being such a positive pooch. Boomer currently resides deep in the hearts of Americans everywhere with his owner Sam. He travels frequently with his creator, R.G. Graham.

You can learn more about Boomer’s background, including his family and his friends!

Whenever and wherever America is in need, you will find Boomer there. Boomer has enjoyed some of our country’s most memorable moments… like the ones below… when Boomer was there!

Yep, Boomer Was There!