We understand, wherever you are, whatever successes you have had in life or storms you are currently encountering, your desire to enhance the life of a child has led you to this web site. As adults on similar journeys, we acknowledge your commitment and perseverance. We realize and respect the fact that your decision was based on your love for a child.

In April 2003 the idea for Boomer was born. Yes, patriotism and our experiences with children were motivating factors, however, the reason went much deeper than the obvious. We wanted to do more than simply write books that would entertain children. We wanted to stir the emotions of children in a positive manner, helping them believe in their own ability to achieve. Hopefully it would create an atmosphere that would assist parents in raising a happier, confident and productive child. The reason for wanting to do this is simple. In order for a society to succeed, its citizens must have a love of family and country, respect for authority and civic responsibility. These are essential areas that help make up the fabric of a strong society. The fact is, happier, more confident and productive children make better leaders. Children need to understand they are special, they are loved and they matter in life. We want your child to be one of the golden fibers that will give society its strength.

Boomer is more than an enterprise. It is a mission in life. It is our passion! We looked across America and we saw a need. We knew we had information that will help fulfill that need. The information has taken the form of a dog name Boomer. For us, it is a point in our lives where one journey has ended and a new one has begun. It is exciting to know that if you elect to allow Boomer into the life of your child then you will be a part of this journey. At the end of that journey you should know us a little better. If Boomer does what we hope, we should know you a little better as well. In a way, we already understand some things regarding each other because life and its experiences have been our constant companions. We also share the same common goal. That goal is to direct a child on a path that will lead to confidence and happiness. We want you to know that we enter into this relationship with unity and humility. We both have a great opportunity!

In reality we did not create Boomer. His spirit has always been alive in the hearts of us all. We are just beginning the awakening. Utilizing this information will not guarantee your child will live happily ever after, but it will assure you that he or she will live happier every day.

So in the words of Boomer… “hop aboard the Boomer bandwagon!” If you will allow Boomer to serve as a co-pilot in your child’s development, together we will develop a winning attitude that will serve as a foundation for a successful and productive life.


R.G. Graham

Randy “Gip” Graham is an entrepreneur, author, and creator of the children’s book series, Boomer’s Positive Lessons on Living and Boomer’s Motivational Music for Children and the Family. Residing in his hometown of Danville, Kentucky, he hosts a radio program that focuses on leadership, as well as reflections and comments regarding local, state, and national issues.