A Scottish patriot once stated:

“You make the laws let me write the music and
I will rule your country.”

We believe the patriots’ comment was right on target. There is something almost magical about music. It plays on emotions. We can all hear a specific song and it will immediately take us back to a particular place in time. We remember the emotions of the moment and it is almost like reliving the scene of times past.

This phenomenon is also true with rhymes. Studies have shown that rhymes help children learn more quickly and retain information longer. The fact is books that rhyme stick to the mind. The importance of this fact becomes compounded when the books are geared for building your child’s self-image and attitude. In addition, children love bright colors. For this reason, all of Boomer’s books are written in poetic form with full-color illustrations. Boomer also likes the fact that children love dogs.

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