Meet Boomer, His Friends, and His Family


I’ve noticed a lot of questions have been asked lately,
About how I got here and why I’m me.
So I’ll take this time to share who I am,
About family, my friends, and my owner named Sam.

I don’t exactly know just where to start,
So I’ll tell you what I remember from my heart.
I can’t recall a lot when I was a tiny me,
But I do recall remembering when I turned about three.

Sam’s proud of me and says I’ve always been kind,
But he’s been holding me back until the right time.
Lately, he’s been telling me to get off the shelf,
And start getting acquainted and introduce myself.

So I’ll share with you about my friends and me,
About those I love and my family.
But before anything else is said,
I’ll start off sharing about dear ole dad.

My dad’s name is Skippy he is a bald-headed dog,
He is a wise ole pooch and a friend to all.
He used to take his stubby hair and he’d tickle my nose,
Then he’d grab my bottom paws and then he’d tickle my toes.

I love dear ole dad and he’s still around,
He’s still the wise canine and a dog about town.
He’s really now more like a special friend to me,
He says he’ll be by my side until eternity.

My mom met my dad one night in a pound,
And they had a lot of fun running around town.
And then they were adopted by a sweet family,
And then it wasn’t long until I made three.

Now I’ve been around for quite a while,
And I’ll have to admit my owner Sam makes me smile,
He makes me proud to be an Amer-I -can,
Because he always tells me I’m the dog-who-can.

He’s got nephews and nieces all over this land,
And when he’s in a crowd they yell out “UNCLE SAM!”
He wears strange long pants and a colorful hat,
And at night he lets me sit upon his lap.

Now I like to wear my liberty blue scarf,
It reminds me of freedom, our country’s heart.
And I give thumbs up, whenever I can,
I like to remind others that I think they’re grand.

I guess I grew up a rather positive pooch,
And Sam says it’s time for me to start cutting loose,
And spread my message to everyone,
That being a positive American is so much fun.

And one of the ways that I do my job,
Is with help from my friends Cara, Chucky, and Bob.
So I guess it’s also time for me to stand and say,
Something about my friends in a special way.

Cara the Collie is my good pal.
She’s a psychologist and a smart ole gal,
She’s fun talking to when I visit her home,
And every once in a while we like to share a bone.

My good friend Bob likes to race,
He likes to eat and he likes to chase.
He’s a great protector to the smaller dogs,
And when he falls to sleep he can really saw some logs.

Then there is Chucky he’s a little thing,
But he has lots of spunk and he likes to sing,
He gets into trouble but we understand,
He just has a big heart and he thinks he can.

Sometimes we all go out on the town,
Our mission and goal is to wipe away frowns,
Because it’s good for the heart and it’s good for the soul,
And we always end up at our favorite watering hole.

Then we go home and we say our prayers,
And we thank God above that He’s a God who cares,
About friends, family and a country that’s free.
About humans like you and dogs like me.

Because you and I are pals and it always will be,
And together we make one big family,
And when I look at you I’m proud to say,
I’m happy to be with you every single day.

Because I’m your dog and you’re my best friend,
And we’ll be best friends until the very end.