Abraham Lincoln said: “the philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.”

From a personal perspective, common sense should teach us that: as go the schools, so goes the nation — and it only takes one generation.

If the above comments hold true then we have a tremendous opportunity!

We attend school to be successful and it is good and right that we do so. However, practically all the attributes we ascribe to successful individuals deal more with attitude and outlook on life than the subjects they studied in school.

So here is the “million-dollar” question…

How many classes have we ever been taught about attitude?

Considering the answer to the question, is it possible we might be “missing the boat” in some of our educational priorities? Imagine a generation of positive self-assured adults running the government. Adults who, as children, had the importance of love of family and country, respect for authority, and civic responsibility impressed upon their minds.

Boomer’s Positive Lessons On Living are designed to make this vision a reality. The lessons taught to our youth, when our country was young, made America a great nation. Although in recent years we have gotten away from these roots, we at Boomer’s Positive Lessons on Living are not pessimistic about the future of America’s children. WE NOW HAVE BOOMER! Boomer takes us back to the basics and forward to the future. He emphasizes the importance of self-image and attitude in the life of your child. We believe the best is yet to come!

For your convenience, and as an example, we have printed below a poem associated with Boomer’s book Born To Win. In addition to the poems, some of Boomer’s human friends (Seth, Kayla and Jace) help Boomer make the book come alive. Learn more about Boomer’s friends and family.

Born To Win

    	When you were in your crib tiny and small,
    	And everyone was looking at you one and all,
    	They smiled with pride and said again and again,
    	This child is special and was born to win.

    	Grandma and Grandpa and Mom and Dad too,
    	Brother and sister were all looking at you,
    	They just couldn’t help getting a grin,
    	And saying this child is special and was born to win.

    	And now you’re getting older, and your friends are too,
    	And they keep saying there’s nothing you can’t do,
    	Because you’re kind to all and obey your Mom and Dad,
    	You pick up your toys and go early to bed.

    	You’re kind to your neighbors and all your friends too,
    	You share with them things that are special to you.
    	And children are so happy that you are their friend,
    	They know in their heart that you were born to win.

    	So when you go to school and see children that are sad,
    	Pat them on the back and say it’s not so bad.
    	Because I like you, would you please be my friend,
    	Because you and I are special, we were born to win!
R.G. Graham

Special note:
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